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'Salon Show' Opening

Snap! Downtown presents its annual 'Salon Show’ to discover new artists and revisit previously exhibited works. Newly introduced works by artists Gabe Cortese, Andrew Snow, Cecilia Lueza, Jean-Michel Collell, as well as new creations by Dana Hargrove, and Chris Robb. Snap! Downtown, 420 E. Church St. Orlando, 32801.

Gallery One
Works by Gabe Cortese, Andrew Snow, Cecilia Lueza, Jean-Michel Collell, Dana Hargrove, Chris Robb, Douglas Kirkland, Ricky Powell, and Isabelle Chapuis. GALLERY TWO: Works by Marco Gallotta, Nicolas Senegas, Nadia Wicker, Alicia Soltani, Dina Litovsky, Reine Paradis, Cheyco Leidmann, Natan Dvir, Szymon Brodziak, and Kristian Schuller. GALLERY THREE: Works by Heather Evans Smith, Chris Robb, Tom Chambers, Mark Gmehling, Jörg Heidenberger, and Andrew Soria.

Gabe Emilio Cortese
Gabe Emililo Cortese is an emerging Central Florida artist, a figurative painter and conceptual photographer. “Vulnerability and guilt persecute my identity and serve as duality, central to my work.” - Gabe.

Cecilia Lueza
Cecilia Lueza is an Argentine-born American painter and sculptor. Cecilia is well known for creating vibrant public art installations in a range of mixed media. Her work has been exhibited at Art Miami, Scope, Arte Americas, and she completed public art pieces in Washington DC, Cedar Rapids Iowa, Jacksonville and St. Petersburg, Florida. Cecilia Lueza visited us to add a superb signature mural behind her work in the gallery.

Jean Michel Collell
Jean-Michel Collell is a French artist who creates monochromatic hyperrealistic portraits composed with multiple layers of meticulously cut out steel wire mesh. Jean-Michel’s works are shown for the first time in the US, at Snap! Downtown.

Chris Robb
"Chris Robb’s work bears witness to the gesture and evidence of the body. A street aesthetic is present. Simultaneously there is a reference to the natural world as the canvas explodes into clusters of blooms." - Jackie Otto-Miller.

Andrew Snow
Andrew Snow was born in Bradenton Florida and he moved to Orlando to start his college education at The University of Central Florida. Originally pursuing a degree in psychology, he later rediscovered his love for art and changed his major to studio art. A graduate of 2017 with a BFA in studio art, he has an emphasis in painting.

Dana Hargrove
Dana Hargrove’s works look at how our ideals and values are shaped by the fabric of our society and our identity within a nation. As a conceptually based artist, she moves freely between mediums, utilizing the sketchbook and painting as familiar touchstones, yet often including sculpture, video, animation, photography and installation within the exhibitions. Her work has been exhibited at the Orlando Museum of Art, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, and The Saatchi Gallery in London, as well as a six panel 12' x 12' public art display at Snap! Downtown.

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