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Snap! Downtown Grand Opening

Snap! Orlando opens a second Central Florida location in the 420 EAST BUILDING with three gallery spaces: SNAP! DOWNTOWN (main gallery) featuring artist Mark Gmehling, and jewelry by Rebecca Rose, OG1 (Orlando Gallery 1) featuring artist Chris Robb and OG2 (Orlando Gallery 2) featuring artist Earl Funk.

Mark Gmehling is a German artist who has an elastic view on life. He makes fine art prints from 3D renderings of abstract characters and bizarre scenarios, all illustrated in a playfully fluid manner. It’s interesting to see 3D modeling being presented as fine art, which you don’t see very often. The aesthetics of each of his figures are highly polished though and resemble beautiful, glossy ceramic pieces. Gmehling was introduced to the US by Snap! in 2014, and has garnered international press including the cover of Orlando Weekly, front page of Orlando Sentinel, Hi Fructose Magazine, and Der Spiegel in Germany. Mark Gmehling’s ‘Nu Werks’ are exhibited in Snap! Downtown Gallery.
Chris Robb’s work has evolved over the past 30 years into an expressionistic abstraction. His large format paintings are full of fresh energy and dynamic mark making. His work has been sought after by collectors and he has participated in group exhibitions and one man shows throughout his career. His series ‘Continuum’ deals with a purposeful reduction of expressionist techniques: taking painting apart. The tension drives the series. Chris’s work is in collections throughout the US and in France. He resides in Winter Park, Florida and works from his warehouse studio in Orlando. Exhibited in OG1 Gallery.
Rebecca Rose’s ‘Sculpturings’ are beautifully created pieces redefined beyond their traditional sense, each piece with unique form and storytelling, blending luxury with urban activism relevant to current social issues. ‘Sculpturings’ are linguistically inspired and many pieces have a socially aware theme as a prefix and the word “ring” as its suffix. Rebecca’s work has been exhibited at Art Basel Miami, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, Spoke Art Gallery, and Snap! Space. Rebecca lives and works in her home-atelier in Orlando where she sketches, assembles, carves, invests, kiln fires, and casts ‘Sculpturings.’ Exhibited in Snap! Downtown Gallery.
Orlando illustrator and tattoo artist Earl Funk’s new works are inspired by the changing of the seasons, as well as the idea of being open to changing ourselves. Exhibit curated by Gina Bernardini. Exhibited in OG2 Gallery.

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