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Le Salon 2016

Snap!’s yearly showcase with highlights from previous exhibits, introduction of new works, and providing art consultations & procurement for designers, and art buyers, offering clients unique opportunities to transact.
Introducing TRONG GIA NGUYEN, and featuring Snap! exhibited artists Szymon Brodziak, Isabelle Chapuis, Formento + Formento, Matthew Schofield, Jim Kazanjian, Natan Dvir, Kristian Schuller, Dina Litovsky, Mike Saijo, Mei Xian Qiu, Heather Evans Smith, Tom Chambers, Douglas Kirkland, Marco Gallotta, Cheyco Leidmann, Marc Schmidt, James H. Black, Sean Black, Stephanie Jung, Nicolas Senegas, Stephane Fedorowsky, Ricky Powell, Dan L. Hess, Martin Stranka, Andrew Soria and Nathan Selikoff.

Trong Gia Nguyen is a multi-disciplinary artist who splits his time between Brooklyn and Ho Chi Minh City. His work is concerned with examining and shaking structures of power as they relate to the dynamics of culture and politics. He has produced everything from iPhone applications (Metaphysical GPS) to installation, film, painting, sculpture, performances, and web-based actions. Trong Gia Nguyen was the Winner of the 2015 Pulse Prize, during Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.
‘The Leavers’ series : Inspired by Nguyen’s documentary film project about his family, these colorful and playful paintings belie a deep reflection on history, culture, and the psyche of those uprooted and transplanted to foreign lands. Sourced from old family photographs, the paintings depict coloring book images that have been filled in but with the black outlines removed, suggesting the skewed ways in which we remember, shape, and colorize the past.
St. Sebastian is dartboard shaped like Reni’s depiction of the martyred saint, by way of an arrowed assassination. Nguyen playfully invites viewers to take aim and re-examine their own sadistic, human tendencies.

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