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Snap! Orlando’s inaugural event, including large scale multi-venue exhibits, guest artists talks, educational seminars, student and community competitions. Featured artists include:
Douglas Kirkland is a prominent photographer best known for his tenure with Look Magazine where he achieved fame for his 1961 iconic image of Marilyn Monroe, captured for the magazine’s 25th Anniversary edition. Kirkland exhibited images from his recent photographic celebration of Italian cinema. He also shared some of the most captivating celebrity portraits culled from his prestigious 50-year career, including uncommon images of Audrey Hepburn, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Charlie Chaplin, and more. Pictured above: (1) Remake of the classic Italian film “La Ciociara” photographed on location in Turin, 2008, with Giovanna Mezzogiorno, (2) Audrey Hepburn, Paris 1965.
Lionel Deluy is a much sought after fashion and celebrity photographer whose work has appeared in every major national and international magazine, including: Vogue, Elle, Vibe, Wired, Flaunt, and French Photo. Lionel was in attendance at Snap!
A remarkable group show featuring images by Award-winning photographer Garrett Yamasaki (top photo), Chinese photographer Peikwen Cheng (middle photo), Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner (bottom photo), among others.
Nico Ammann is a conceptual photographer and an art director based in Zurich, Switzerland. Amann introduced and autographed his new book Wash Me: 10 MINI, 10 Artists (created for MINI’s 50th Anniversary).
Sinisha Nisevic (top photo) currently the official photographer and Art Director for Versace was exhibited as part of the Moda Section of the opening night reception. Special event: Chris Weeks‘ fashion reportage photos (bottom photo) and Anna Moller‘s landscapes were projected during our Saturday night fashion installation, presented and styled by Fused Fashion, Makeup by Art of Beauty by Sunha, Hair by Jessica Olsen, Wardrobe provided by Nieman Marcus, Models provided by Mall at Millenia.
A multimedia room, featuring a projection of large-scale graffiti creations photographed worldwide by Grazyna Kleinman (top photo), as well as works from Flore-Ael Surun (bottom photo) and other talented new visionaries. Special event: Friday and Saturday night featured a show by an Angel living statue from the Original Living Statues, and Saturday a modern dance performance by Voci Dance.
“Hello from Florida: Photographs from Across the Sunshine State” combined the work of 14 photographers from Florida, each capturing a personal or documentary perspective, giving the audience a comprehensive view of Florida’s history, culture and sunshine. Photographs by Christopher Bolton, Louise Erhard, Josh Erickson, Nina Hartmann, Ted Hollins, Rose Wind Jerome, Ryan Marshall, Bob Michaels, Jen O’Malley, Les Slesnick, Kim Vang, Eric Wallman, Wheat Würtzburger (photo above) and a documentary by Adam Dinihanian. Also featuring other documentaries in the theater upstairs; see schedule for showtimes.
A multiple gallery group showing, including high-profile Central Florida photographers and national photographers Peter Schreyer, Corey Arnold, Shelley Lake, E. Brady Robinson, Jeff Hartog (top photo), Tammy Krivanek (bottom photo), Lesley Silvia, Yuri Maiorov, Curt Littlecott, Giorgio Iurcotta.
A gallery dedicated to the music and culture of California in the 1960’s, featuring photography by Henry Diltz.

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