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Snap! Talk | Rethink Homelessness

Snap! Orlando presents an engaging presentation and discussion with Los Angeles based photographer/advocate Sean Black, and Rethink Homelessness lead advocate Joshua Johnson. Saturday, July 25, 5-7pm at Snap! Space.

Sean Black's body of work, Human Nature, “explores the socio-economic dilemma of homelessness. Specifically seeking out those individuals who retreat into the natural terrain, he imbues his approach with a psychological awareness of what Existentialists refer to as ‘the uncanny’. While conveying this uneasy sensation of ‘not-being-at-home,’ his images offer hints of the re-creation of domesticity as well as the strangely familiar touchstones of conventional dwelling. By presenting a rich and disarming closeness to his subject matter, he gently invites his audience to reconsider a hidden population and their humble resilience.” Sean engages with the world around him in poignant and significant ways.

Joshua Johnson is lead advocate for Rethink Homelessness. The nationally-recognized Rethink Homelessness campaign has drawn followers and supporters from throughout Central Florida and beyond, giving new visibility to the true plight of the homeless in Central Florida. A video created by the campaign, “Cardboard Stories,” has spread the message of Rethink Homelessness around the world. Its origins were humble: two Rethink Homelessness team members went out with handheld video cameras, a stack of spare cardboard pieces, and a set of markers. They offered homeless people a piece of cardboard and pen, giving them a platform to tell part of their story to the community at large. The videotaped results went viral, garnering almost 5 million YouTube views and bringing the Commission’s objectives to an even wider audience.

The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness was established as a non-profit organization committed to eradicating homelessness in Central Florida. Through research, strategic policy development, collaborative leadership engagement, and high-impact grassroots campaigns, the Commission has made significant headway in informing our community about the issues facing the homeless, and inspiring them to take action.

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