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Snap! Portfolio Review 2022

A select group of photography professionals will be sharing their experience and expertise with the participants in the reviews. In addition to offering an in-depth critique of your photographs, the reviewers welcome any questions a participant might have regarding professional practices, marketing or the next steps to take in their career development. All photo-based work is welcome – fine art, documentary, commercial.

Select your reviewer(s) and book your review time(s). Each reviewer will receive a list with name, time and email of the participants. The reviewer will invite each participant to a Zoom meeting at their time indicated. The reviewer will allow the participant to share their screen to present their photographs.

F E E S :

Professional | Amateurs Photographers: $25 per review

Students: $15 per review. Use promo code SNAPEDU22 when selecting tickets (NOTE: student ID verification will be requested at the start of the review)

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