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Open Doors | 'Le Salon 2022'

Snap! Orlando presents: 'Le Salon 2022' Official Showcase and Open Doors - a special Sunday afternoon event with art, photography, guest artists, coffee, mimosas, ice cream, DJ, massage, and more...
In Support of Snap! Orlando / Snap! Cultural Events 501 c(3)

* Dj Nigel John
* Coffee by Bynx
* Ice Cream by Greenery Creamery
* Treat by YogaMix
* Mimosas by Wine and Corks
* Photography by Emily Jourdan
* Augmented Reality experiences

Hosted by Beatrice Miranda, Steven Benson, Tiffany Sanders, Bill Shugart, Kevin Craig, Azela Santana, and Patrick Kahn
Presented by Beatrice Miranda, Realtor at Metro Realty and Taitt Law

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