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Gallery Tour | 'Le Salon 2022'

Join artists Justin Luper, Natalie Diienno, Ryan Price, Jacoub Reyes, Matt Roberts and Bill Shugart, guiding us through their work, currently on view at Le Salon 2022, Snap! Downtown.

Our ‘Le Salon 2022’ exhibition, featuring outstanding art and photography by an array of selected local and international artists: Jacoub Reyes, Mark Gmehling, Matt Roberts, Natalie Diienno, Ryan Otero Price, Szymon Brodziak, Nick Veasey, Justin Luper, Julie Gratz, Kyle Szosteck, Sofia Pashaei, Martin Stranka, Luis Lazo, Bill Shugart, Nadia Wicker, Nicolas Senegas, Dina Litovsky, Synthestruct, Jim Kazanjian, Can Büyükberber, Jaime Aelavanthara, Jorg Heidenberger, Marco Gallotta, Stephane Fedorowsky, and Elena Vizerskaya.

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