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Gallery Tour | ‘Constructed Abstractions’

Attendees will gather to view Snap! Downtown, OG1 and OG2 Galleries and experience a tour led by artists Dana Hargrove, Alicia Soltani, Rafael Tongol, Cherree Mallette, and Krista Berman.

Snap! Downtown Gallery : ‘Constructed Abstractions’ - with Reine Paradis, Stephane Fedorowsky Photographe-Plasticien, Dana Hargrove, and Shelley Lake. The works, which included photography, painting, and digital art, connect form, color, line, texture and space
OG1 Gallery: ‘L’Eau et La Terre’ (Water and Earth) with Rafael Tongol, Heather Evans Smith Photography, Alicia Soltani, and Cherree Mallette
OG2 Gallery: ‘Interplay’ with Krista Reay Berman

About the Artists:

Dana Hargrove is a conceptually based artist whose works look at how our ideals and values are shaped by the fabric of our society and our identity within a nation. She moves freely between mediums, utilizing the sketchbook and painting as familiar touchstone, yet often including sculpture, video, animation, photography and installation within the exhibitions. Dana is a Professor at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

Alicia Soltani uses film as an instrument to create dreamlike images. In her featured experimental series, she soaked her 35mm film in an array of concoctions prior to shooting the roll.

Rafael Tongol's 'Ephemeral' series examines nature and time with delicately framed landscapes, photographed at the magical moment between daylight and dusk.

Cherree Mallette's ‘Abstract Splashes‘ series are a visual expression of the artist developing her own ‘bubble.’ She is a storyteller whose series of works represent chapters in her life. Her dry brush paintings are monochromatic and photorealistic. Originally from Ohio, Cherree now lives and works in Orlando, Florida.

Krista Berman is a mixed-media artist whose multi-faceted creations explore the natural balance of grid structure, repurposing found objects into neo-conceptual work and turning urban detritus into lyrical sculptural assemblage.

Snap! Downtown, 420 E. Church Street. Orlando, 32801.

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