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An Evening with Rebecca Rose's 'Sculpturings'

'An Evening with Rebecca Rose' will be an inspiring night learning more about Rebecca's creative mission and the intricate process of her ‘Sculpturings'. Thank you Rebecca Rose and her lifelong love, Thom Solo, and to everyone who attended! We are delighted to have featured the work of such a talented artist/sculptor at our opening exhibit ‘Vintage Nouveau’ in Snap! Space.

About the artist

Rebecca's 'Sculpturings' are beautifully created pieces redefined beyond their traditional sense, each piece with unique form and storytelling, blending luxury with urban activism relevant to current social issues. Rebecca sketches, assembles, carves, invests, kiln fires, and casts her own work in her home studio. ►

Rebecca's work was also exhibited at Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art in China, Scope Art Gallery in San Francisco and was The Halstead Grant 2013 winner.

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