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'You Are Here' Opening

‘You Are Here’ (, a city/state wide and month-long event, will engage guests in social, historical, and artistic conversations through the mediums of photography, visual arts, and film, with thought-provoking and exhilarating exploration of how individuals shape and build our shared environments. The event will consist of exhibitions, lectures, experimental media, and workshops that will compel audiences to celebrate place and community building, while showcasing the energized core of Orlando’s arts and culture movement. Event goers will also be encouraged, geographically speaking, to ‘connect the dots’ of Orlando’s thriving arts and culture movement by exploring the event locations, as we will be partnering with local restaurants and bars to bring the arts and community together on a large scale.

Each installment of ‘You Are Here’ curated by Snap! Orlando, will take place in venues ranging from Orlando’s premiere art institutions to our grassroots community

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