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'Le Salon 2019' Opening

Notions of culture, beauty, and perception collided at Snap! Orlando’s annual showcase of international and regional artists. The exhibition provides viewers with a unique opportunity to revisit past exhibitions while discovering new works. ‘Le Salon 2019’ features an array of mediums, styles, and artistic subjects, and we were offering art consultations and procurement options for a variety of clients. For inquiries, contact:

Featured works by Roger Ballen, Shawn Theodore, Casper Faassen, Mark Gmehling, Tom Chambers, Helaine Schneider, Nicolas Senegas, Chris Robb, David Kretschmer, Gabe Cortese, Kelly Ladd, and many more…

Opening Days:
Friday August 16, 11 AM- 4 PM. Saturday August 17, 11 AM- 4 PM.
Artists in attendance.
On view through September 28, 2019.

Coffee by Lineage
Juice Bar by Grounding Roots
Gourmet popsicles and pastries by Pop Parlour.

Snap! Space
1013 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

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