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'Inside Out/Vote' Installation

Snap! has the great pleasure to host the Inside Out/Vote Project and the award-winning JR Artist photo booth truck, which travels to 35 cities across the country in support of the DREAM Act. This ongoing project is aimed to reimagine civic engagement by unleashing the voice of America’s youth through the unique power of art and give local groups a strong platform to help show support in their communities. Ahead of the 2018 midterms, Inside Out/Vote traveled across the country taking individual portraits of people to achieve one goal: uncover the power of their vote.

Participants enter the Photobooth, and within one minute, a black and white poster is printed. The posters are then pasted in a public space in their home communities. Over 160,000 portraits have been printed at Inside Out Photobooths locations around the world.

The IOP team worked tirelessly until late in the night to complete the project and wrap both sides of the building. Due to overwhelming attendance, everyone's portrait was printed [and sent digitally] but not all prints were able to fit on the building. After the Inside Out Project stopped in Orlando and Miami, the #IOPVote journey continued to Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas, encouraging communities to vote.

Snap! Orlando was also excited to announce that in addition to this #IOPVote installation, the first #IOPDreamers installation of November 2017 was brought back to life, as part of one of our 'CITY UNSEEN℠' public Augmented Reality art installations. Say It Loud, 1121 N. Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803.

"This project was about The Dreamers, and it represents many things, all at once: Humanity. Hope. Beauty. Division. If that last word is jarring, JR means it to be; his art is meant to inspire, but also provoke. His trompe l’oeil portraits force us to look critically at the world. They are unfiltered, unguarded and undeniably human. Art like JR’s challenges us to bear witness, to discover what we’re seeing. Because there is always more than meets the eye." - Laurene Powell Jobs Founder and President of Emerson Collective

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