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'Identity' Opening

‘Identity’ Opening Night | October 24th, 2014 | 7-10pm.

Identity is the perceived character of a place or a people, based on cultural and social manifestations. It is both inherited and constantly evolving. It creates local distinctiveness and a "sense of place.” Curated by Patrick & Holly Kahn, this exhibit features the works of eight national/international, renowned fine art photographers and painters.

'Identity' Artists
• Formento + Formento, NY – Photography. ‘ The Japan Diaries’ series.
• Zun Lee, Toronto – Photography. ‘Father Figure’ series.
• Mei Xian Qiu, LA – Photography. ‘Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom’ series.
• Mike Saijo*, LA - Mixed Media
• Tim Okamura, NY – Painting. Courtesy of Yeelen Gallery.
• Aaron Q. Reichert, New Orleans – Painting.
• Nicolas Sénégas, France - Photography.
• Claire Felicie Amsterdam – Photography. ‘Here Are The Young Men’ Courtesy of Amstel Gallery.
• Jeffery Herrity, DC - Ceramic Sculptures/Totems 'Equality Series.'

Cocktails by The Courtesy Bar, Snap! Space Art Store and Bibliotheque, music by resident DJ Nigel John. Snap! Space is the 5,000 sq. ft. indoor/outdoor gallery home of Snap! Orlando, a 501(c) 3 charitable foundation with the mission to celebrate master photographers, and artists, discover and cultivate emerging talent and promote the appreciation of photography and art worldwide.

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