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'BYOB' | One Night Only

BYOB - (Bring Your Own Beamer) Orlando is a one night gallery exhibition featuring explosions of light and movement by local and world renowned digital artists, designers and filmmakers. This is a pop up projected experience that will include animated GIFs, motion graphics, interactive installations, video shorts, and more.

BYOB Orlando is a collaborative effort by Snap! Orlando, Art & History Museums Maitland and curators Nathan Selikoff and Michael Forrest.

Including artists:
Ivan Depeña [Brooklyn]
Mark J Stock [Boston]
Micaël Reynaud [France]
Rafael Rozendaal [NYC]
Skip Dolphin Hursh [Brooklyn]
Brian Carlson [Orlando]
Shannon Staunton [LA]
Travis Stearns [Minneapolis]
Michael Forrest [Orlando]
Nathan Selikoff [Orlando]

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