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'Andy Warhol: The Photographs' Closing

Join us for the closing reception of 'Andy Warhol: The Photographs' at the Southeast Museum of Photography presented by Snap! Orlando.
Saturday, May 16th, 3-5pm.

“An avid photographer, collector and photographic subject, Warhol incorporated photography into almost every aspect of his aesthetic and social experience.” - Catherine Zuromskis from Snapshot Photography: The Lives of Images, 2013

Andy Warhol was a leading figure in the Pop Art movement and experimented with many different mediums over the course of his life and career. Of his varied artistic interests, the medium of photography held with him from a young age, beginning when he received his first Brownie camera at the age of nine and later learned how to make black-and-white prints in a darkroom set up in his family's basement. The technical detail required of early photographic printing, however, was not of interest to Warhol and when he started using photography in his art in the 1960’s, he was drawn to automated, instant processes such as the photo booth and the Polaroid, which he used for commissioned work and to document himself and those in his inner circle at the Factory. In 1971, a new camera called the Polaroid Big Shot was introduced and this became Andy’s camera of choice for taking the portraits that would be used as source material for his commissioned photo-silkscreen portraits.

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