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‘Taking Flight’ Opening

The ‘Taking Flight’ exhibition examined the transitional and transformative state of an idea, an individual, or a collective as it evolves into a distinctive form or realization. An unconfined and unrestrained existence arises to come into being. The exhibit features the works of three international fine art photographers, two national and two local fine artists, with sculpture, multimedia installation, and jewelry art.

The show was on view at Snap! Space through March 14th 2014.

'Taking Flight' Photographers :
• Patricia Van de Camp (Goor, Netherlands) - Van de Camp’s 'Butterfly Kisses’ series illustrates the power, surrender, love and trust in the relationship between mother and child. The butterfly symbolizes freedom, but also the vulnerable aspects of motherhood.
• Gilles Soudry (Paris, France) - Soundry’s ‘Volutes’ series lure the viewer into its film noir world with dark, velvety texture. Gilles' photographs of hazy smoke forms billowing yet often recognizable shapes. His work has been shown in Paris, New York and Miami.
• Stephanie Jung, Schifferstadt (SW Germany) - 'Maigo Desu’ series. Jung travels the world to capture the vibrant and hectic mood of a place. Considering life itself as compulsive viewing, Stephanie says of her ‘shifted perspectives’ work attempts to visualize movement. Stephanie, who resides in Berlin, made her US debut in May 2013, exhibiting at Snap! Orlando.
• Jamie Baldridge - Jamie's photographs draw from the artist’s ongoing fascination with fairytales, that started when he discovered a book of fairytales in his grandmother’s attic as a child. Working with large-format, medium-format, and high-res digital cameras, Baldridge photographs individuals in surreal and fantastical compositions in order to reinterpret tales and fables.

'Taking Flight' Artists :
• Nathan Selikoff - Series 'Alluvial Fan' sweeping organic forms with aerial views. Selikoff is a fine artist playing at the intersection of interactivity, math and code. Inspired by the behavior of systems, science, nature, and music, he combines computer code, traditional materials, and future technology to bring new ideas to life. Nathan's award-winning artwork has been exhibited and performed in galleries and venues around the world, including Art Basel in Switzerland, Hungary, Canada, Holland, Boston and Los Angeles.
• Todd Brittingham - His series 'Angels' are sculptures cast in bronze finished with unique patina. ‘Angels’ combines human and animalistic shapes resulting in statues and figurines simultaneously spiritual and sensual.
• Daniel Wilson - Organic dye sublimation transfer art.
• Emilie Finney - Words Series.

Artists also On View :
• Chris Scala - Visual art and sculptures.
• Blair Sligar - Soulful furniture & art Installations (Hog Eat Hog).
• Rebecca Rose - Wearable art jewelry (Sculpturings).
• Wesley Geometry - Textural design experiments through geometric paper art.
• Midtown Architecture Studio (MAS) - Courtyard light installation

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