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‘Snap! Attacks!’ Opening

A cutting edge contemporary and figurative art show from the combined curatorial forces of Snap! Orlando ( and Art Attacks ( featuring photography, painting, illustration, mixed media, sculpture and video installation with internationally renowned artists in attendance.

Special guest, from Germany Mark Gmehling, brought by Snap! Orlando
Special guest, from San Francisco Stacey Ransom of Ransom & Mitchell, brought by Art Attacks

Zofia Bogusz (Queens, NY)
Ruben Ireland (U.K.)
Luke Chueh (LA)
Johannah O'Donnell (Orlando)
Aunia Kahn (St.Louis, MO)
Donia (NYC)
Raymond Klecker (Orlando)
Michael Marsicano (NYC)
Andrew Spear (Orlando)
Rebecca Rose (FL)
Mike Nuriel (FL)
Scott Scheidly (FL)
Chris Scala (FL)
Elena Vizerskaya (Ukraine)
Ellen Schinderman (LA)
Shelley Lake (FL)
Nicolas Senegas (France)
Aurora Crowley (NY)
Andrew Soria (Miami)
Boy Kong (FL)
Kate Zambrano (CA)

and international GIF/Video artists:
Matjaz Tancic (China)
Kostas Agiannitis (Greece)
Jaime Travezan (United Kingdom)
Micaël Reynaud (France)
Gustavo Torres (Argentina)
James Kerr (Great Britain)
Christiaan Welzel (Canada)

The exhibit is held in the spectacular 5000 sq. ft indoor-outdoor gallery, Snap! Space. For the past 5 years, Snap! has showcased the work of renowned international photographers and digital artists and hosted numerous iconic guest speakers. Snap! is also a widely respected platform for exceptional emerging talent.

Guest curators Art Attacks Online is an online art resource for contemporary arts, providing a curated digital gallery, in depth interviews, and art event coverage. After four years of showcasing the best in contemporary art and creative inspiration, Art Attacks Online is pleased to announce its very first gallery show!

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