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‘Perception & Reality II’ Opening

Snap! Orlando, in collaboration with United Arts of Central Florida, present ‘Perception and Reality II‘, featuring interactive art, virtual reality and immersive art installations, digital and 3D art exhibitions in the three galleries, at Snap! Downtown. Artists included Nick Veasy, Shelley Lake, Ginger Leigh, Dan L. Hess, Nathan Selikoff, John Hiigli, Ryan Buyssens, along with live virtual reality artist demonstrations.

On opening night, in addition to exhibited works in the galleries, there was also a live Tilt Brush by Google virtual reality demonstration by Nicholas Zuccarello which lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality, and an interactive projected clock translating sound into light by Nathan Selikoff, and space virtual reality experience by BrandVR, at the poolside/rooftop from 8-9:30 PM. Sponsored by OUC.

Artist highlight | Nick Veasey, is a British photographer whose work with radiographic imaging equipment takes the x-ray to another level. Everyday objects are transformed from the banal to the beguiling and the layers and make-up of natural items are shown in fantastic detail. © Nick Veasey. X-Ray images printed directly onto glass/perspex/plexi using UV cured inks. Image on inside of face spaced off white backing to create an elegant drop shadow

Artist highlight | Dan L. Hess is a visual artist currently residing in the Orlando, FL area. He received his BFA from School of Visual Arts in NYC and his MFA from Stony Brook University. Hess’ photo-based works occupy a different psychological space than his paintings, video installations and works on paper but ultimately return to that singular dialogue with the history of as well as the act of painting. Hess has exhibited from NY to Shanghai China and has work in numerous private collections.

Artist highlight | Shelley Lake is a photographer and digital artist. Her experimentation with art and technology began more than 35 years ago, as a computer science major at Brown University. At MIT she trained with Nicholas Negroponte and Harold Edgerton, pioneers in the fusion of science, art and technology. Featured in numerous international exhibitions and film festivals, she won a Clio award and Japan’s Nicograph award for ‘Still Picture Computer Graphics Grand Prize.‘ Her work is collected worldwide, and she has been commissioned by the American Embassy in Nigeria, Apple Computer, Peter and Eileen Norton, Santa Monica, CA, and the Amway Center in Orlando.

Artist highlight | Ryan Buyssens’ work in 3D printed, CNC machined and laser-cut parts; “Resistance” is a time-based, interactive, mechatronic sculpture that emulates the articulated flapping of bird’s wings. These mechanical birds are mounted to a wall and, through various intensities of flapping, respond to the viewer’s movements within the space. This experience between the viewer and the piece translates a sense of separation – the birdlike machines act in opposition to the viewer’s perceived freedom within the space. Ryan Buyssens' kinetic installation combines microcontrollers, sensors, lights, 3D printed kinetic mechanisms and textiles, which respond to the presence of a person. A recipient of the North Carolina Arts Fellowship for 2012/13, Ryan Buyssens exhibits his work internationally. He creates devices with the use of computer design, 3D printing, CNC machining and laser-cutting. The technologically advanced appearance and operation of the work is offset by the approachable, empirical design of the objects themselves.

Exhibition was on display through July 1, 2017. Snap! Downtown, 420 E. Church Street Orlando, 32801.

Thank you Orlando Arts Magazine for the center spread article in the May/June 2017 issue. Thank you also to Yelp Orlando and Bungalower for the weekend highlight!

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