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‘Le Salon 2017′ Opening

Notions of culture, beauty, fashion, and perception collided at Snap! Orlando’s annual showcase of international and regional artists. The exhibition provided viewers with a unique opportunity to revisit past exhibitions while discovering new works. ‘Le Salon 2017’ featured an array of mediums, styles, and artistic subjects ranging from iconic fashion and portrait photography to poignant, universal themes relating to the human experience. ‘Le Salon 2017’ offerd art consultations and procurement options for a variety of clients.

Learn about some of the featured artists:

Matthew Schofield creates extraordinary installations of small paintings by digging and sorting through boxes of inherited slides and photos. It is part of an on-going exploration of collecting and hoarding the incidental random moments in photographs. The resulting paintings are one to one scale recreations of the original photographs installed in collage form; giving order and/or disorder to the cumulative imagery.

Rima Jabbur was born in Lebanon and immigrated with her family to the United States at the age of eight. Over the course of her career, Rima Jabbur has had multiple solo exhibitions, including at Cornell University and in Beirut. Snap! presented 'Inhaling and Exhaling.' Oil on panel.

​​John Arden Hiigli (born 1943) is an American artist, inventor and educator. The art of John Hiigli lies in a domain where science and art intersect. The use of colors represents translational symmetry in the world of light frequencies, while the mixing of transparent colors over each other is compared to the composition of sound frequencies in musical artworks. Presented art: Cr 193 Cube Octahedron/Skew-Icosahedron. 2010-11. Transparent Oil on Canvas.

Erwin Olaf is one of Holland’s most acclaimed contemporary photographers. Famous for his mis-en-scène and highly theatrical compositions, Olaf weaves complex and dramatic narratives into his still photographs. His work is frequently exhibited and included in numerous contemporary art and photography museums internationally.

Inquiries, contact: Through August 26, 2017. Snap! Space, 1013 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, 32803.

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