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‘Edge of a Dream’ Opening

‘Edge of a Dream’ explores the fine line between figurative narratives, reverie and the familiarity of reality resembling a dream. The exhibit featured the works of eight nationally renowned fine art photographers, along with sculpture, and jewelry.

​​'Edge of a Dream' Photographers:

Tom Chambers, VA (in attendance) - Various works. Tom's work has been shown internationally through solo and group exhibitions, and was featured at Snap! Orlando in 2012 in our 'URBAN WILD' exhibition.

Wendy Sacks, NY (in attendance) - 'Immersed in Living Water’ series. In the series 'Immersed in Living Water' children are the subjects of dramatic, strongly emotional and passionate photographs. Each water-based scene demonstrates moments of loneliness, the bonds of family, unrequited love or untimely death. This series reveals many emotions and, according to the artist, combines "an understanding of children with the knowledge of developmental stages and the struggle of the human spirit."

Thomas Dodd, GA (in attendance) - Various works. Thomas Dodd's work blurs the lines between photography and classical art, seamlessly blending the worlds of fantasy and surrealism. His art has been featured in magazines, on book covers, and in galleries around the world.

Sydney Cash, NY - 'ReMastered Portraits' series. Cash’s works have been collected by the Museum of Modern Art, the Corning Museum of Glass and Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He has had more than 40 one-person exhibitions worldwide and created works on commission for the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority and MoMA. Cash’s new portrait work examines the classics of art history. Cash begins with a photo of a high-quality painting from the past, then paints a contemporary design over it. He says that it’s a perfect antidote for the methodical progression of his larger projects, satisfying for being very “of the moment.”

Elise Bloom, FL (in attendance) - 'In Close Proximity' series. Elise started to candidly photograph her two daughters from their young age to their teenage years, and documented their interactions. Thus came to life her lifelong project ‘In Close Proximity’ which showcases, in everyday familiar tableaux, their search of identity, and their spatial independent yet interrelated situation within the family environment. Elise is exhibiting this very intimate series for the first time, at Snap! Space.

Richard Tuschman, NY (in attendance) - 'Hopper Meditations’ series.

Heather Evans Smith, NC (in attendance) - 'The Heart and The Heavy' series

Kristian Schuller, NY - Various works, courtesy CU1 Gallery.

Artists also On View :
Mike Nuriel - Second Hand Choppers (in attendance) - Sculptures with vintage watches.
Chris Scala (in attendance)) - Visual art and sculptures.
Blair Sligar - Soulful furniture & art Installations (in attendance).
Rebecca Rose (in attendance) - Wearable art jewelry (Sculpturings).
Wesley Geometry (in attendance) - Textural design through geometric paper art.
Daniel Wilson, Organic dye sublimation transfer art.
Midtown Architecture Studio (MAS) (in attendance) - Courtyard light installation.

On view through June 8, 2014.

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