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‘Cultural Fabric' Opening Night

Snap! Orlando presents CULTURAL FABRIC: A Journey Through Heritage and Identity, featuring international photographer Brant Slomovic, local multi-media artist Mär Martinez, and more.

BRANT SLOMOVIC - Gallery 1 presents a solo exhibition by Brant Slomovic, a photo essayist based in Toronto, with a background as an emergency medicine physician. His experience as a doctor working on the front lines instills in him a unique perspective on narrative and the human condition. His passion for storytelling stems from an awareness and sensitivity to people in times of need. What underlies his approach to work and artistic expression is a viewpoint that considers every person through a lens of commonality and connection. From Jewish descent, married to a woman from India, and living in Canada, Brant’s identity finds its roots at the intersection of three distinct cultures. Embracing these influences, Brant invites us to join his journey of personal discovery and cultural phenomena through extraordinary photographs.
MAR MARTINEZ - Gallery 2 features works by Mär Martinez, an interdisciplinary artist and recent UCF BFA graduate, specializing in sculptural painting. Mär is half Syrian, half Cuban, and also of Jewish heritage. Both cultures are equally important to her upbringing and she feels closely aligned with her Middle Eastern heritage. Mär’s work dissects dominance, aggression and power dynamics through the lens of a culturally-enforced binary system.
DIANA ZHANG, MARTHA DIAZ ADAM, ELISE STURUP - Gallery 3 features additional works by Chinese American artists Diana Zhang, documentary photographer Martha Díaz-Adam of Lebanese descendant born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and an Orlando based artist Elise Stürup, who attempts to navigate the portrayals and influence western culture has had on her sense of identity as a woman.

“As part of our mission to create a cultural fusion between international and local artists, and inspire the community with a meaningful exhibition and dialogue, we are delighted to present seasoned multi-faceted artists, side by side.” - Patrick Kahn, co-curator
We invite you to join us in exploring the diverse, intricate threads of culture that shape individuals and bind us together. An artist-led tour of the exhibition will be held on Saturday, February 4, 2023.

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