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‘A Certain Point Of View’ Opening

A retrospective art exhibition of urban legend Thomas Thorspecken, known as ‘Thor’ (Analog Artist Digital World). Snap! Space also presents ‘Mountains of Florida’ by Award winning artist James A. Harper who photographs construction sites in a way that makes them appear as unexpectedly beautiful mountain scenes.

About the artists
An illustrator and journalist, Thor acts as a human camera, recording events and posting daily sketches on his digital diary. This is his way to document life in our community, one sketch at a time.

James A. Harper ('Mountains of Florida'). James has discovered what he calls the grand illusion of unexplored Florida. Since Florida is considered to be flat and without mountains it is his vision to photograph piles of dirt on construction sites in such a way that they appear to be beautiful mountain scenes. In reality they are only a few feet tall. James photographs them as they are found, untouched and unedited. James describes it as "the art of dirt."

Thank you, Tina Craig for the beautiful coverage and to all artists, volunteers, friends and supporters!

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