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Art Grows Here

Snap! Orlando partners with ArtReach Orlando to unveil a new exciting CITY UNSEEN℠ Public [AR]t activation. ArtReach’s mural, located on the Arlington Arts building, was envisioned by artist Maureen Hudas, teaming up with emerging artists, Delia Miller, Sabrina Dessalines and local youth from the community. Snap! created a new dimension to the mural by adding a 3D augmented reality animation and dynamic audio to advance public awareness of ArtReach and inspire young artists to witness and explore the new digital media art space.

To view the Art Grows Here Mural in augmented reality, download the CITY UNSEEN℠ app, visit the Arlington Arts building, then scan the wall over each of the (4) experiences separately to launch.

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Maureen Hudas




ArtReach Orlando

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