Snap! On: World’s Greatest Promo?

by cris on April 13, 2011

Our good friends over at Burrow Press put their creative brains together to take on the Snap! On challenge.

By that, we mean: they outsourced the challenge assignment to the talented minds of their film-making friends and loved ones. After 3-weeks of work, here is the result of that effort: a seriously superb Snap! On film short  all about … well, how to make the world’s greatest Snap! On film short, of course!  Check it out:

Nice! We love this! Thanks guys for putting so much time and energy into showing Snap! some love.

 Curious about the creative talent behind the World’s Greatest Promo?  

The short features Cory Helms and David Bucina. It was filmed and edited by Justin Mimbs. Sound and music by Rogier van Etten. Written by Cory Helms.  

–  –  –  –  –  –

Want to show us your Snap! love in unique and creative way?

Make a video, capture an image, craft a project, … whatever strikes your clever little fancy. Just think outside the box and surprise us. Then document your Snap! On creation and email it to us and we’ll post approved submissions here on the blog for the world to see.

Note: Your submission MUST be appropriate for all audiences and MUST incorporate the following:

Click here for the complete Snap! On Campaign Guidelines and to download our logo.


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