Sidewalk Snap!

by cris on March 31, 2011

How Patrick Kahn gets his Snap! On

Talk about a one track mind! Even at the park with his kids, event founder Patrick Kahn has Snap! on the brain. This playful sidewalk chalk creation was crafted to pique the curiosity of nearby park-goers. Way to work those “street marketing” efforts, Patrick.

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Want to show us your Snap! love in unique and creative way?

Make a video, capture an image, craft a project, … whatever strikes your clever little fancy. Just think outside the box and surprise us. Then document your Snap! On creation and email it to us and we’ll post approved submissions here on the blog for the world to see.

Note: Your submission MUST be approporiate for all audiences and MUST incorporate the following:

Click here for the complete Snap! On Campaign Guidelines and to download our logo.

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