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Snap! Orlando Is Leaving The Cameo Building

ORLANDO, FL (MAY 28, 2020) — After six fulfilling years in the Mills 50 District, we will be moving on from the Cameo Theater, by the end of 2020.

Snap! Downtown’s three gallery spaces will remain at 420 E. Church Street in the flourishing and vibrant Eola Square/Thornton Park District, within walking distance from Downtown Orlando’s dining and entertainment venues. Our public [AR]t project, CITY UNSEEN, will continue to expand its citywide footprint in the coming years.

Since its inception 10 years ago, Snap! Orlando was founded as a premier visual arts and cultural organization. From our first large-scale exhibitions and events in warehouses throughout the Downtown Orlando area, Snap! Orlando has taken many forms beyond traditional brick and mortar gallery spaces. The installations have included building-sized projection mappings and murals, live wakeboard light painting, and most notably, the nation’s first outdoor Augmented Reality interactive public art gallery, CITY UNSEEN. We have remained true to our mission over the past decade to be an arts and cultural epicenter for everyone to be inspired and enlightened.

Though we have loved being housed within the historic walls of the Cameo Theater, it has always been our vision to continue broadening our horizons and to bring new levels of public art exhibits to set Central Florida as a creative destination. Without confining ourselves to this space, we can explore new approaches and practices to heighten contemporary art offerings. Therefore, we have decided to embark on a multilayered program which will incorporate innovative art experiences, as well as collaborations with various leading cultural, educational and arts institutions to further bring the vision of Snap! Orlando to the community at large.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our community for your patronage over the decade as we continue to expand our mission. We are honored to have contributed in significant ways to the growth and vitality of the district, and we look forward to the future together as we close one door and open many more.

For more information about Snap! Orlando’s upcoming programs and events, please contact  For information on CITY UNSEEN, please visit

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Snap! Orlando is a Florida (501)c(3) visual arts and culture organization with the mission to honor master artists, discover and cultivate emerging talent, and enhance the cultural vibrancy of the city of Orlando.