Exploring the fine line between figurative narratives, reverie and the familiarity of reality … resembling a dream. Curated by Patrick & Holly Kahn, the exhibit features the works of eight nationally renowned fine art photographers, along with sculpture, fine art origami and jewelry.
Guest artists in attendance. Cocktails by The Courtesy Bar, Snap! Space Art Store and Bibliotheque, and music by resident DJ Nigel John.
'EDGE OF A DREAM' Photographers :
• Richard Tuschman, NY (in attendance) - 'Hopper Meditations’ series.
• Tom Chambers, VA (in attendance) - Various works.
• Wendy Sacks, NY (in attendance) - 'Immersed in Living Water’ series.
• Heather Evans Smith, NC (in attendance) - 'The Heart and The Heavy'
• Thomas Dodd, GA (in attendance) - Various works.
• Sydney Cash, NY - 'ReMastered Portraits' series.
• Kristian Schuller, NY - Various works, courtesy of CU1 Gallery.
• Elise Bloom, FL (in attendance) - 'In Close Proximity' series.
Artists also On View :
• Mike Nuriel (in attendance) - Choppers sculptures with vintage watches.
• Chris Scala (in attendance) - Visual art and sculptures.
• Blair Sligar (in attendance) - Soulful furniture (Hog Eat Hog).
• Rebecca Rose (in attendance) - Wearable art jewelry (Sculpturings).
• Wesley Geometry (in attendance) -Geometric paper art.
• Daniel Wilson, Organic dye sublimation transfer art.
• Midtown Architecture Studio (MAS) (in attendance) - Courtyard light installation.

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