Traveling Without Moving … Enjoy!!

by cris on March 25, 2011


Team Snap! has been gathered around a laptop for the last hour having a blast exploring this captivating around-the-world photo journey captured by our good friend, and amazing photographer, Nico Ammann (whose work and presence helped make Snap! a tremendous success last year).

Leveraging Google Maps as a portal to the world, Nico has captured images of some of the most breathtaking and notable destinations on the planet.

Says Nico (per his website):

 “I decided to go on a virtual round-the-world trip on Google Street View. Just like everybody does when travelling, I recorded my many impressions by way of photographs. With my iPhone, I took a picture of each destination directly from the computer screen. Then, I converted the snapshot with the Polaroid Instant Cam app into a conventional vacation memory.’

My photographs are therefore photographs of photographs, that record a journey that never happened. But, what difference does it make?

This is such a cool concept, Nico. Thanks for thinking of it and thanks for sharing it!! ( … even if you did forget to Google-stop in Orlando. haha)

See Nico’s full Google Vacation Project for yourself to travel around the world without leaving your chair.

Enjoy the ride!


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