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‘ALL ABOUT WARHOL’ | Sept. 19 – October 30, 2014

Exhibit photos of ‘ALL ABOUT WARHOL’ presented by Snap! Miami, in collaboration with KIWI Arts Group and CU-1 Gallery. Works on ground floor by photographers Christopher Makos/ Paul Solberg of The Hilton Brothers, William John Kennedy: The Warhol Edition, and a ‘Viewpoint of Millions’ installation of Marilyn by David Datuna in the vault, all courtesy Kiwi Arts Group. Mezzanine showcasing work by photographers Tom Chambers, Richard Tuschman, Patricia Van de Camp, Wendy Sacks, Heather Evans Smith, Thomas Dodd, Luis Lazo, Jason Mitchell, artists Rebecca Rose and Michael D. Nuriel. View exhibition installation.

Christopher Makos

makosWahl2Andy 1986, courtesy of KIWI Arts Group

blondDeborah Harry Polaroid, courtesy of KIWI Arts Group

A well-known figure in the New York art scene of the 80s, Christopher Makos apprenticed with photographer Man Ray in Paris and collaborated with Andy Warhol, whom he showed how to use his first camera. His body of work has been exhibited in galleries and museums including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Tate Modern in London, the Whitney Museum in New York, and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and currently at the Orlando Museum of Art in Orlando.


William John Kennedy

wjkWarhlAndy Warhol, The Warhol Museum Edition. © William John Kennedy; Courtesy of KIWI Arts Group

jwkHomage to Warhol’s Flowers, The Warhol Museum Edition. © William John Kennedy; Courtesy of KIWI Arts Group

(American, born 1930). Fine art photographer, William John Kennedy forged a friendship with Andy Warhol in 1963 and proceeded to capture, through his lens, the artist and his soon-to-be iconic works at the seminal point of his career and the birth of the Pop Art Movement.  After almost half a century in storage, a selection of the nearly forgotten images have been recently published for the first time and are now part of the permanent collection of the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.


The Hilton Brothers

dandyAndy Dandy

The Hilton Brothers, as an artistic identity, comes out of a series of collaborations Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg began over a decade ago. The idea of identity, who took which picture, and why was the difference discernible led them to begin a series of diptychs, where they would photograph separate objects and bring them together in one print: one plus one equals a third new artwork. So it seemed with their artistic identities, a blurring of individual egos to proceed to explore other collaborative projects. Makos and Solberg began calling their collective works, and themselves the Hilton Brothers


Paul Soberg

aiweiAi Weiwei

Paul Solberg (b. 1969, Minnesota), works have been shown at galleries and museums throughout the world, and published in Wall Street Journal International, CNN Travel, Interview Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, and New York Daily News. Originally known for his still life portraits, the same sensitivity is seen in his human subjects, photographing today’s legendary artist Ai Weiwei, and his haunting portraits in Service (2010), which resides in such collections as the Elton John Photography Collection.


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