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‘TAKING FLIGHT’ | Feb. 21 – March 20, 2014

‘TAKING FLIGHT’ examines the transitional and transformative state of an idea, an individual, or a collective as it evolves into a distinctive form or realization. An unconfined and unrestrained existence arises to come into being. The exhibit features the works of three international fine art photographers, two national and two local fine artists, with sculpture, multimedia installation, and jewelry art. View exhibition installation.

Patricia Van De Camp

patriciaButterfly Kisses.

Patricia Van De Camp translates her dreams and fantasies into her photographic work. She proceeds  intuitively and finds inspiration in her surroundings. Her images refer in a playful way to such themes as intimacy, vulnerability and death. The animals in her work function symbolically, serving as her alter ego and protecting her. The dream images radiate innocence, tranquility and beauty, but are often also alienating.


Gilles Soudry


French photographer Soudry’s hazy smoke photographs lure the viewer into its film noir world with dark, velvety textures. His photographs of smoke form billowing yet often recognizable shapes. For 25 years, Gilles Soudry has been working as advertising photographer for well known French brands. His fine art series Volutes series have been exhibited in Paris, New York, and Miami, and now at Snap! Space in Orlando. He has been approached by Museum and art institution in the US. Exhibited at Snap! courtesy Art Vitam.


Jamie Baldridge


Photographer Jamie Baldridge draws inspiration from the Industrial Revolution to depict his surreally enhanced photography. Baldridge’s portfolio boasts a painterly quality that often depict women sitting or standing in common environments with an additional quirk thrown in to pique the viewer’s interest into the lives of his subjects. His added elements of surrealism give life to the otherwise mundane scenes.


Stephanie Jung

steffiShifted perspectives.

German photographer Stephanie Jung travels the world to capture the vibrant and hectic mood of a place. Considering life itself as compulsive viewing, Stephanie says of her ‘shifted perspectives’ work attempts to visualize movement. Stephanie, who resides in Berlin, made her US debut in May 2013, exhibiting at Snap! Orlando.


Nathan Selikoff

nathanAlluvial fan.

Nathan Selikoff is a fine artist playing at the intersection of interactivity, math, and code. Inspired by the behavior of systems, science, nature, and music, he combine computer code, traditional materials, and future technology to bring new ideas to life. Nathan Selikoff’s award-winning artwork has been exhibited and performed in galleries and venues around the world, including Art Basel in Switzerland, Hungary, Canada, Holland, Boston and  Los Angeles. His experimental interactive art app, Beautiful Chaos, installed at Snap! Space, allows users to explore the curves and ripples of mathematical equations brought to life in vivid color.


Todd Brittingham


‘Angels’ is an exploration of forms in space. Brittingham’s combination of human and animalistic forms reveal a simultaneously spiritual and sensual feeling.   The sculptures are cast in bronze using an ancient wax process and finished in a unique patina which brings life to his forms.


Chris Scala

scalaWireforms and Marine Works.

Using wire cloth as an expressive medium, Chris creates volumes and forms that the observer is able to see through, inside and around. Scala’s series ‘Marine Works’ comes from his fascination with the way sea organisms attach themselves to metal that is left underwater. He sculpts pieces of metal and places them under the sea for several months while they actually grow and evolve into something else, something incredibly beautiful.


Emilie Finney

emilyWord series.

Emilie uses the building blocks of communication, words and letters, to investigate nuances in language. Being from a bilingual household, she finds loopholes in the systems she knows, discontinuities, and experiment with the resulting word pool. She has always been interested in form and uses her work to question it, push it, and discover it with language. Emilie created a triptych plate  of  ‘Contemporary  | Creative  | Spontaneous’ for our gallery wall.


Daniel Wilson

daniel Dye sublimation transfer.

Daniel Wilson conceives, photographs and produces artwork with dye sublimation transfer on tightly interlocked specially prepared maple leaves from the tree in the image. The process uses high heat, pressure, and other variables to accelerate the already dry image into a gaseous state. When sublimated, the gaseous image is imbued within the actual cells of the leaves. Some of the works are done in collaboration with Wesley Geometry.


Wesley Geometry

wesOrigami works.

Wesley Geometry creates illusions of substance and textural design experiments through geometric paper art, commonly known as origami. Wesley Geometry has created origami lamps, and installations for Snap! Space.


Rebecca Rose


Sculpturings’ are beautifully created pieces redefined beyond their traditional sense, each piece with unique form and storytelling, blending luxury with urban activism relevant to current social issues. Rebecca sketches, assembles, carves, invests, kiln fires, and casts her own work in her home studio. Rebecca’s work was exhibited at Select Fair in Art Basel Miami, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco. She was the 2013 Halstead Grant winner.


Additional installation works by

Blair Sligar

Soulful furniture & art Installations (Hog Eat Hog).

Midtown Architecture Studio (MAS)

Light installation.


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