‘Surroundings | Florida Showcase 2018’
August 17 – Jan. 06, 2019

Snap! Downtown Gallery presents ‘SURROUNDINGS,’ showcasing photographic works by Jacob Bailes, Lauren Mitchell, and James R. Hand. Snap! OG1 and OG2 Galleries present the ‘FLORIDA SHOWCASE 2018,’ featuring works by photographers and artists from across Florida, culled from the Call-For-Entries collection. View installation Snap! Downtown | View Installation OG1 | View Installation OG2


Jacob Bailes

sJ‘Unfamilar Peaks‘  2017


Lauren Mitchell

sL‘Thermopolis, Wyoming’ 2017


James Hand

sh‘Curious’ 2017


Selected Florida Showcase 2018 Entries

s8Jemaar Graham. ‘The Power of Grace’  2018


s5Kristin Hart. ‘Joshua Tree-Rose, California’  2018


s1Claudia Cebrian. ‘I am an Immigrant’ / ‘Promised Land’ series


s4Elise Hickman. ‘Echoes’  2017


s3Jeremy Huntington. ‘Absolved Resurrection’  2016


s2Zane Grant. New York City, NY


s7Crummy Gummy. ‘Jordan’


s6Philip Ringler. ‘Palimpsest of Momentary Liberation’  2018


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