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This award-winning project is an ongoing citywide public art installation which opens artistic borders by launching the city into Augmented Reality [ AR ] experiences, with fusions of works by internationally renowned artists and cutting-edge technology.

Download the FREE app to experience CITY UNSEEN.

A Public [AR]t Experience


Get out and experience Orlando in new and incredible ways!

CITY UNSEEN enhances viewers’ perspectives on art, dimensional reality, and perception through the works of internationally renowned artists — adding another layer of cultural significance to the Downtown and Central Florida region.

Using cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology, the CITY UNSEEN app brings murals across Orlando to life and teleports you into a 360 degree view that enhances the art experience.


CITY UNSEEN won the 2019 Innovation and Technology Golden Brick Award as a groundbreaking Orlando art project.

App developed by BrandXR. CITY UNSEEN is funded in part by the Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program.


Be the difference maker.


Sponsoring CITY UNSEEN places you at the forefront of innovation in art - your support directly contributes to significant immersive, augmented reality public art installations applauded by local and international communities alike.


As a publicly installed artwork, CITY UNSEEN is uniquely positioned to prioritize cultural development and equal access.


CITY UNSEEN sponsorships are as versatile and exciting as the program itself.


Our creativity is at your disposal as we work together to design a brand new site-specific, virtual experience which caters to your individual needs, while publicly serving the communities of Central Florida.

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“This non-profit manages to exist as an entity separate from any tangible space with its city-wide interactive art, workshops and volunteer initiatives that reach people who may not traditionally frequent gallery spaces.”

Destiny Deming

Snap! Supporter


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