by patrick on May 17, 2012

Snap! 2012 weekend
Main Exhibit (In photo : Damien Blottiere)

Many thanks to all of you who attended and have supported Snap! We broke record attendance. It was our sincere pleasure to host and exhibit the work of brilliant talents from around the globe, many of whom joined us at the opening night. Thanks to our visiting guests Miru Kim, Damien Blottière, Gabriel Wickbold, Ad Achkar, Andrew Hetherington, Travis Dove, Benjamin Lowy, Jenny Risher Smith, Gregory Scott, Frank Day and Lucas Dulac for honoring us with their gracious presence.  Thank you to the many other photographers who trusted us with showcasing their work.  And our gratitude to our sponsors, and all the volunteers who made this event a reality!


Snap! Featured Artist: Moby

by patrick on May 7, 2012

2012 Featured Exhibit: Destroyed
by musician Moby

Best known for selling over 20 million albums worldwide, renowned musician Moby has also carved a respectable name for himself in the photography world. Snap! is pleased to present a selection of images from Moby’s current album-affiliated photo project “Destroyed” as part of our 2012 “Urban Wild” theme. Moby’s photos, taken while creating his latest album, introduce us to an side of touring that is often unexposed; secluded time spent in artificial spaces like hotel rooms and backstage waiting areas. The images also provide a striking and intimate look at Moby’s world and his creative process as an artist.

Moby says (as told to HuffPost Arts), “I take pictures as a way of both making sense of the strange environments in which I find myself and also as a way to stave off touring boredom and exhaustion.” Note: Autographed copies of the photobook “Destroyed” will be available exclusively in the Snap! V.I.P. lounge.


Featured Artist: Tom Chambers (+ PDN 30)

by patrick on May 3, 2012

Snap! 2012: Tom Chambers
Featured Artist

Tom Chambers was born and raised on a farm in the Amish country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His work is represented by a number of galleries in the United States and Europe and has been shown through solo and group exhibitions worldwide, as well via a wide range of print and online publications. Chambers’ “Entropic Kingdom” series joins Snap!’s 2012 “Urban Wild” exhibition, the images reflecting the animal kingdom and mankind engaged in an ongoing dance of co-existence which results in a predictable tension.

Of the “Entropic Kingdom” series, Chambers says: “Having grown up on a Pennsylvania farm, I am inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s rural landscapes, characterized by subtle, but powerful emotion. I hope to strike a similar emotional connection in the viewer by illustrating a disturbed ecosytem created by man’s self-serving interests. These photomontages are composed of animals, children and adults, all of whom are potential victims and at risk.

Chambers has received recognition for his photography through a variety of awards, such as Worldwide Photography Gala Awards and  Critical Mass Top 50. Learn more about Snap!’s 2012 “Urban Wild” artists.

PDN 30 Emerging Photographers
Featured Exhibit

Sponsored by Sony, Adobe and Canson. These “30 Photographers To Watch” are based on photographs submitted to PDN (Photo District News magazine).

A compelling collection of images made all the more interesting by the substantial risk these photographers took in order to produce their work — personal, financial, creative and otherwise. Among them: Chloe Dewe Mathews hitchhiked from China to England in search of ideas. Markel Redondo traveled with migrant workers from Honduras to the U.S. Peter DiCampo worked by flashlight for three years in Ghana and elsewhere. Ryan Pfluger and AnaStasia Rudenko challenged themselves to photograph difficult family relationships. Peter Ash Lee published a magazine. Mark Fisher regularly hangs out of a helicopter.

See their captivating images at Snap! 2012.


Snap! Featured Artist: Oleg Dou

by patrick on April 26, 2012

Oleg Dou
Snap! 2012 Featured Artist

Discovered in 2006 by Liza Fetissova, Oleg Dou is represented today by galleries in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Russia and United States. In 2011, Artprice graded Oleg Dou in the top 3 of the under 30 year old photographers with best sales in public auctions. Oleg Dou lives and works in Moscow.

Of his work, Dou says, “ I am looking for something bordering between the living and dead. I want to attain the feeling of presence one can get when walking by a plastic mannequin.”

See Dou’s haunting images at Snap!’s 2012 “Urban Wild” exhibition.  Learn more about Snap!’s other 50+ “Urban Wild” artists at snaporlando.com


Snap! tapped into balance and creativity again. The November 17th Fashion Photo Shootout held inside the distinctive square Orange Studio on Mills Ave. challenged photographers to think outside the box.  A white background, a light and two models made up by Art of Beauty by Sunha and beautifully styled by Fused Fashion were the only tools accessible to photographers to showcase clever artistry in a snap. Instant projections from the five minute shootout triggered the captive audience of professionals to applause for their favorite shots.

Throughout the evening, guests were treated to Peroni beer with an opportunity to taste delights from the Fantastic Hummus food truck. Overall it was an evening not to be missed hosted by Snap! and ASMP Central Florida. The buzz about the Fashion Photo Shootout continues to spread and we plan to do it again with a twist! Look for more upcoming events leading up to Snap! 2012 this coming year!

Many thanks to our film makers Snapwell Films and host Talitha Vickers.