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‘STRUCTURE & PERSPECTIVE’ | Mar. 13 – Apr. 20, 2015

‘STRUCTURE & PERSPECTIVE’ examines the intersection of organic and man made forms such as those found in the distinction of body forms and building forms. Curated by Patrick & Holly Kahn, ‘STRUCTURE & PERSPECTIVE’ features the works of thirteen national and international renowned fine art photographers, painters and sculptors. View exhibition installation.

Christoph Morlinghaus

christophMan-Altered Landscapes.

Christoph Morlinghaus’ photographs have been featured in such publications as Wallpaper, Monocle, New York Magazine, Big magazine, Details, Black Book, Wired and Fortune. The images adopt an almost clinical look at modern architecture and other subjects, while still imbuing them with warmth. Morlinghaus had two major solo exhibition at Roebling Hall Gallery in New York City, and numerous group shows around the world.


Juan Travieso


Cuban born Juan Travieso moved to the United States at age ten. He is based in Miami, and New York. His work explores notions of impermanence and decay through a combined language of pop, realism, and abstraction. Figures, humans or animals, are broken up into spaces and forms, much like 3d models, speaking to both their temporality and transition into the digital age. Travieso transposes his work on endangered animal species with works relating to his own childhood and experiences growing up in Cuba. Travieso is a recipient of several Awards, including the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists.


Jim Kazanjian


New works by Portland-based artist Jim Kazanjian. Jim’s work was exhibited at Snap! Orlando in 2013 in our ‘MOTION TO LIGHT’ exhibit. Inspired in part by the classic horror literature of H.P. Lovecraft, Kazanjian assembles foreboding buildings using snippets of photographs found in the Library of Congress archives. Without the use of a camera Kazanjian sifts through a library of some 25,000 images from which he carefully selects the perfect elements to digitally assemble mysterious buildings born from the mind of an architect gone mad. While the architectural and organic pieces seem wildly random and out of place, Kazanjian brings just enough cohesion to each structure to suggest a fictional purpose or story that begs to be told.


Patricia Van De Camp

patricia2Wild Camping Series.

New works by Holland based photographer/artist Patricia Van De Camp. Patricia translates her dreams and fantasies into her photographic work and finds inspiration in her surroundings. Her images refer in a playful way to such themes as intimacy, vulnerability and death. Patricia was featured at Snap! Orlando 2012 ‘URBAN WILD’, and in our 2014 ‘TAKING FLIGHT’ exhibit at Snap! Space.


Dan L. Hess

danLessons from the Essex.

The work of artist Dan L. Hess exists as a constructed place where the death of meaning is wrestled against, and the reality of the unseen is made evident through the seen and the known. His large-scale drawings, photographs and videos function in and out of time and a defined art historical context. Hess’ spectacular drawings, and multimedia installations, have been exhibited around the world, from New York to Shanghai, China, and can be found in national and international private collections. Dan has won numerous Awards and Fellowships. Prior to relocating to Orlando in 2013, Hess was active in the art world for over 20 years, as a lighting and visual coordinator for Christie’s auction house in NYC, and an Adjunct Professor of Art at Stony Brook University teaching Foundations of Drawing, Idea and Form, and Photography.


Luis Lazo

louis2 I Want To Be In The Light.

Luis Lazo is an internationally awarded, published and exhibited photographer. His ‘All That You Leave’ exhibition won him the prestigious international Viewbook PhotoStory Award in 2010 and his portrait work has won awards including the Agfa Portrait Photographer Award. Luis’ work was also featured in our ‘ALL ABOUT WARHOL’ exhibit in 2014. Lazo has lived and worked in France and England, and is now based in Miami.


Iran Issa-Khan

iran2Terre & Mer.

Born in Tehran and raised in Europe and the United States, Iran Issa-Khan began her photography career in late 1970, and throughout the 80’s and 90’s photographed Paulina Porizkova, Christy Turlington, Iman, Talisa Soto, and celebrities for the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and numerous editorials and advertising campaigns around the world. In 1999, Issa-Khan transitioned from photographing beautiful and famous people to flowers and objects of nature. Her new photographic work has captured the sensuality of flowers, tropical plants, seashells and numerous flora and fauna objects, immediately translating their natural beauty into sensuous art forms. She is found in the collections of the world’s top art collectors. Her limited edition monograph ‘IRAN ISSA-KHAN: PHOTOGRAPHS’ with a foreword by Zaha Hadid, will also be on view, and available at Snap! Space.


Jeff Frost

frost2Circle Of Abstract Ritual.

Multidisciplinary artist Jeff Frost’s film, ‘CIRCLE OF ABSTRACT RITUAL’ will be on view during our exhibit. Jeff joined us in 2013 with an exhibit, film and artist talk at Snap!’s ‘MOTION TO LIGHT’ and we are delighted to feature his newest work. Jeff Frost is an artist, nomad, and possible proof of alien presence on Earth, who combines painting, photography, music and sound design into short films which are created one frame at a time. He takes hundreds of thousands of high resolution photographs using stop motion and time lapse techniques to record wildfires, riots, night photography and his own paintings in abandoned structures. His work explores large scale contradictions such as the push-pull of societal decay as a negative consequence of technology while simultaneously celebrating said technology.


Marco Gallotta


Originally from Battipaglia, Italy, Marco Gallotta came to New York in 1998. Marco presents a unique creative approach in paper-cutting. From his works on paper to his intricate line of linocuts, watercolor and collage, Gallotta uses his materials skillfully to portray people in their natural state. Marco began his artistic journey at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) where he studied fashion illustration under the direction of Jane Bixby-Weller and Bill Donovan. He currently practices his craft in a workshop studio in West Harlem. Clients and collectors include Nike, The United Nations, Radio City Music Hall, Will Smith and Ennio Morricone.


Andrew Soria


Miami based artist Andrew Soria creates complex digital photo composites of urban environments. These recreated landscapes, with Andrew’s photographs, bring out the extravagant yet realistic characteristics of a city.  Andrew was introduced at Snap! Orlando part of our SNAP! ATTACKS exhibit in 2014, and at Snap! Miami’s pop up show during Art Basel 2014.


Ryan Buyssens


Crafted from 3D printed, CNC machined and laser-cut parts; “Resistance” is time-based, interactive, mechatronic sculpture that emulates the articulated flapping of bird’s wings. Several sets of these mechanical birds are mounted to a wall and, through various intensities of flapping, respond to the viewer’s movements within the space. The objects simultaneously invite and intimidate with their graceful, fluid motion contrasted by the direct reactivity of their activation. This experience between the viewer and the piece translates a sense of separation – the birdlike machines act in opposition to the viewer’s perceived freedom within the space.


Rebecca Szeto

rebecca4Paintbrush Portraits.

San Francisco based artist Rebecca Szeto’s ‘Paintbrush Portraits’ play with notions of re-forming beauty and value, offering a critique on consumerism, women’s work, and a curious entanglement of class dynamics in Leisure & Labor – Trash & Treasure. Tools that were once used to create artwork, now bear the face of female portraits largely inspired by women of the Renaissance period and other female figures of art history.


Chris Scala

Wireform and Marine works.

Central Florida’s Chris Scala likes to break rules. He expresses his creativity through many different art forms, from stone sculptures to underwater art. Chris’ works have been exhibited since Snap! Space’s inaugural exhibition, and new wireform and marine works are installed for ‘STRUCTURE & PERSPECTIVE’.


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